American Computer Science League


The American Computer Science League consists of four divisions to appeal to the varying computing abilities and interests of students.

  • The Senior Division is geared to those high school students with experience programming computers, especially those taking a Computer Science AP course. We suggest that schools do not register for the Senior Division during their first year of ACSL participation.
  • The Intermediate Division is geared to senior high school students with little or no computer programming experience, and to advanced junior high students.
  • The Junior Division is geared to junior high and middle school students with no previous experience programming computers. No student beyond grade 9 may compete in the Junior Division.
  • The Classroom Division is open to students from all grades. It consists of a selection of the non-programming problems from the other three divisions. As its name implies, this division is particularly well-suited for use in the classroom.

We encourage schools to join more than one division so that novice students are not intimidated by the material, nor are advanced students bored. All divisions cover similar material, but in varying levels of detail and difficulty. Team scores and individual scores cannot be transferred between divisions.

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