American Computer Science League

Newsletter #1

January 2017



Welcome to 39thyear of the contests of the American Computer Science League.The League welcomes all the new schools and all the returning schools from last year. Some of those schools have been in the League for more than 20 years. The League also welcomes those teams from outside the United States. Those schools are from Canada, Romania, Croatia, England, Slovenia, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan, .



The scores for Contest #1 for both teams and individuals are posted on our web site you note a missing score, an incorrect score or a misspelled name, please contact ACSL at and we will make the corrections. Due to a large number of schools that entered the contest near our deadline, several scores are missing. Those scores will be posted on a weekly basis during January 2017. It is our hope that all scores will be posted prior to the start of Contest #2.



There were no valid appeals in any of the divisions for Contest #1



Students, their parents and advisors like to see their student's programs posted to our web site.To insure that a program has a chance for selection, prior to submitting the code for those students who scored a 10, please insure that the following information is in the heading of the code:


        The studentís name

        The school name

        The studentís division



Please use the ACSL scoresheet when submitting scores.Send it as an attached .doc file and not pasted into the body of the e-mail message.The uniformity of score sheets decreases the number of entry errors. Also, Starting with Contest #2 you need to record cumulative scores for both team scores and individual student scores on all scoresheets. The cumulative score acts as a double check that scores have been recorded accurately. Remember that scoresheets are sent to




The 2017 ACSL All-Star Contest will be held at Newbury Park HS, 456 N Reino Rd Newbury Park CA 91320.Richard Kick ( the host advisor. The date of the Contest is Saturday, May 27, 2017. The ACSL hotel that is offering a group rate is posted on the ACSL web ste at the Hotel Info link. A rental car discount code for Hertz Rental Cars is also there.

For more than 20 years ACSL has used the same travel agent to find the best group rates at hotels close to our Al-Star Contest sites. Elana Glinert has done an excellent job of getting ACSL the best prices available. The staff that runs ACSL has used Elana for personal travel also. If you are in need of a travel agent to assist in any of your All-star Contest plans, we highly recommend her services. Elana can be contacted by e-mail:


The agreement with the host school only allows for a limited number of computers.The vast majority of those will go to the teams coming from outside the USA.Teams should plan to supply their own computers this year.Please start planning now to insure that your invited teams will have computers.




ACSL has grouped the teams in the various divisions into geographic regions.The purpose of the regions is to create more places where ACSL can award prizes.The highest scoring team in each region will be awarded a plaque.The highest scoring student (s) in each region will also be awarded a plaque.In the event of ties, duplicate awards will be made.Most of the above awards will be presented at the All-star Contest in May.Plaques will be mailed to those not present.The regions are now posted to the web site in the georegions link.


ACSL as an institutional member of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) urges all advisors to become members of the CSTA. One it's FREE. Two it is the way to stay current on all aspects of teaching Computer Science (CS). The CSTA has a member listserve where you can ask questions about software, hardware and teaching methods. If you like many other CS teachers are the only person in your school or even district teaching CS, this is the place to stay current and get assistance. You can become a member online by visiting the CSTA web site.