FinalS - Saturday May 25, 2024

For students in the SR, INT, and JR divisions, the Finals begin with a livestream starting at 10am EDT (7am on the West Coast). 

Participants in the Elementary and Classroom Divisions should join the livestream at 2pm EDT (11am on the West Coast). 

The 2023 Finals livestream is at

The ACSL Finals will be online, using the HackerRank platform that students have used during the regular season.  All students will start and finish at the same time. 

The format will be the same as used during the regular season.  There are no team awards.  All prizes will be based on an individual's score. 

This is an individual competition.  Students must not consult external sources - humans, digital, etc.  If collaboration of any form is detected, the student will be disqualified. 

The schedule of day is as follows; all times are given in EDT (UTC-4).  

To be invited, students must score 24 points or more (the cutoff for the Elementary Division is 12 points).  Email invitations will go out starting on May 1st, and will continue through the end of Contest #4.  There is a nominal registration fee per student to participate in the Finals. 

The email invitation will include a payment link.  Upon payment, the student will be sent a HackerRank invitation and a form to fill out if they'd like to participate in a breakout room.