I'm new to ACSL. How can I get started?

Great! Welcome to ACSL! Please visit the Advisor Guide to get started.

Four dates are listed. Do my students take the test for just one date?

ACSL is a competition consisting of 4 contests. Students take all 4 tests. Prizes are awarded to top scoring teams and top scoring individual students based upon cumulative scores after the 4th contest.

The dates that we list for each contest is when we need to receive your score for the contest. You may administer the contest before the listed date. And of course, there will always be circumstances beyond your control that may make your results late. Please, if your results will be late, shoot us an email and give us a heads up. We will accept late results within reason.

How many students can be on a team?

For one registration fee ALL your students can take the tests. Your team score is the sum of the best 3 or 5 student scores that contest. Those best scores can come from different students each contest.

The choice of registering as a 3- or a 5-person team is the advisor's decision. That decision is based upon how many students the teacher realistically thinks will be taking the tests each month. If the team is a small club then a 3-person team is the correct choice. If the team is a large class or multiple classes then a 5-person team might be the best choice. The same prizes are awarded to both divisions.

Can I have two teams in the same division?

No, only one team per division is allowed. As an example if you have a Senior 5 team you can't have another Senior 5 team and you can't have a Senior 3 team.

If I run an afterschool or weekend school, can I register a team?

Yes, but if a student in your program attends a full-time school that has an ACSL team, then that student can only be on the team from the full-time school.

Can I administer the 2 parts of the test in any order?

Yes, the teacher at each school decides on the schedule with the provision that all tests are administered by the listed end date for that contest.

What computer language can my students use?

Students can code in Python 3, Java, or C++. Note that some division Short Answer Questions use the ACSL Programming Language, LISP, and Assembly Language but students do not need to code in those languages. Students only need to follow a short algorithm. That skill can be taught in one class period per language.

Do you have other questions? Please contact us.