There are four contests during the regular season. The window during which the contest can be accessed on HackerRank is as follows.

  • Contest #1: completed

  • Contest #2: is available now; closes Sunday March 7 @ 11:59pm EST

  • Contest #3: is available now; closes Sunday April 11 @ 11:59pm EDT

  • Contest #4: will be available March 5, 2021; closes Sunday May 16 @ 11:59pm EDT

Based on the scores during the regular season, top students in all divisions will be invited to participate in an online Finals competition:

  • Invitations E-mailed: May 1, 2021*

  • Invitational Finals: Saturday, May 29, 2021 (Memorial Day weekend in the US)

There is a nominal per-student registration fee to participate in the Finals.

*For scores arriving after May 1st (and by May 16th), invitations to qualified students will be emailed as results are received by ACSL.